Why do I get {"message":"not found"} when I visit my Dev Portal?

You most likely have not configured the portal property correctly. Check your Kong Configuration and ensure that portal is set to on.

Why do I see No Files Found when I visit my Dev Portal?

This can be caused by a few reasons:

  1. Missing Dev Portal files. (
  2. Improper Network configuration.

If you have confirmed that you have files and your network setup is properly configured, please contact support for further assistance.

Why do I have files with unauthenticated/ in them?

When a user requests a particular page to access that they are not authorized to view, the Dev Portal will check for the same filename under the unauthenticated namespace to serve instead. For this reason unauthenticated is a reserved namespace, and should only be used for portals that have Authentication enabled.

What file types are supported?

You can find a list of supported template types on the File Management page.

Does the Dev Portal support uploading images, scripts, and videos?

Currently the Kong Dev Portal only supports text based content, custom scripts & styles, can be added by leveraging partials.

Media like images, SVGs, and videos should be encoded and inserted inline or hosted elsewhere and referenced.

Can I use other API specification formats like API Blueprint?

Currently only Swagger 2 and OpenAPI 3 are supported.

Can I modify the Header and Meta tags?

Direct modification of the <meta> and <head> tags is currently not supported, you can accomplish this through Custom JS included as a handlebars partial.

Can I host my API spec files outside of the File API?

Currently the Kong Dev Portal can only render API specifications that are served by the File API.