Kong Enterprise Changelog



  • Kong EE 0.33 inherits from Kong CE 0.13.1; make sure to read 0.13.1 - and 0.13.0 - changelogs:
  • Kong EE 0.33 has these notices from Kong CE 0.13:
    • Support for Postgres 9.4 has been deprecated, but Kong will still start - versions beyond 0.32 will not start with Postgres 9.4 or prior
    • Support for Cassandra 2.1 has been deprecated, but Kong will still start - versions beyond 0.32 will not start with Cassandra 2.1 or prior
    • Additional requirements:
      • Vitals requires Postgres 9.5+
      • Dev Portal requires Cassandra 3.0+
    • Galileo - DEPRECATED: Galileo plugin is deprecated and will reach EOL soon
  • Breaking: Since 0.32, the latest tag in Kong Enterprise Docker repository changed from CentOS to Alpine - which might result in breakage if additional packages are assumed to be in the image pointed to by latest, as the Alpine image only contains a minimal set of packages installed by default


  • Vitals
    • Internal proxies are no longer tracked
    • Admin API endpoint /vitals/consumers/:username_or_id/nodes, deprecated in 0.32, has been removed
  • Prometheus Plugin

    • The plugin uses a dedicated shared dictionary. If you use a custom template, define the following for Prometheus:
    lua_shared_dict prometheus_metrics 5m;
  • OpenID Connect Plugin

    • Change config_consumer_claim from string to array


  • Core
    • New RBAC implementation, supporting both endpoint and entity-level access control - read the docs here
    • Workspaces, allowing segmentation of Admin API entities - read the docs here. Note that workspaces are available in the API only, and not in the Admin GUI
  • Admin GUI
    • Log in to the Admin GUI using Kong's own authentication plugins; supported plugins are key-auth, basic-auth, and ldap-auth-advanced. Use of other authentication plugins has not been tested.
    • Add ability to see what plugins are configured on a consumer
  • Dev Portal
    • Revoked Dev Portal Users/Consumers are blocked at proxy
    • Files API Improvements
    • File editor in Admin GUI
    • Consumer API usage on Dev Portal user area
  • OpenID Connect Plugin
    • Add config.consumer_optional
    • Add config.token_endpoint_auth_method
    • Add consumer.status check for internal authentication
  • Forward Proxy Plugin
    • Add support for delayed response
    • Add via header
  • Canary Plugin
    • Added whitelist and blacklist options to be able to select consumers instead of having random consumers
    • Added a port parameter to be able to be set a new port for the alternate upstream
  • LDAP Auth Advanced
    • Find consumers by consumer_by fields and map to ldap-auth user. This will set the authenticated consumer so that X-Consumer-{ID, USERNAME, CUSTOM_ID} headers are set and consumer functionality is available
    • Add fields
      • consumer_by: optional, default: {username, custom_id}
      • consumer_optional: optional, default: false
  • StatsD Plugin
    • New plugin; see documentation here
  • Prometheus Plugin
    • New plugin; see documentation here


  • Core
    • Healthchecks: health status no longer resets when a Target is added to an Upstream
    • Runloop: properly throw errors from plugins fetch
    • DB: fix double-wraping of err_t strategy error
  • Plugins
    • Azure delayed response
    • Lambda delayed response
    • Request Termination delayed response
  • Admin GUI
    • Fix a problem where a plugin value cannot be unset
    • Fix a problem where error messages on the login screen fail to display
  • Portal
    • Auto-approve messaging
  • OpenID Connect Plugin
    • Fix kong_oauth2 auth_method so that it works without having to also add bearer or introspection to config.auth_method
    • Fix ngx.ctx.authenticated_credential so that it isn't set when a value with config.credential_claim isn't found
  • Zipkin Plugin
    • Fix an issue with how timestamps can sometimes be encoded with scientific notation, causing the Zipkin collector to refuse some traces
  • LDAP Auth Advanced Plugin
    • Fix require statements pointing to Kong CE's version of the plugin
    • Fix usage of the LuaJIT FFI, where an external symbol was not accessed properly, resulting in an Internal Server Error
  • Rate Limiting Advanced Plugin

    • Fix an issue in Cassandra migrations that would stop the migration process
    • Allow existing plugin configurations without a value for the recently-introduced introduced dictionary_name field to use the default dictionary for the plugin - kong_rate_limiting_counters.
    • Customers using a custom Nginx template are advised to check if such a dictionary is defined in their template:
    lua_shared_dict kong_rate_limiting_counters 12m;



  • Kong EE 0.32 inherits from Kong CE 0.13.1; make sure to read 0.13.1 - and 0.13.0 - changelogs:
  • Kong EE 0.32 has these notices from Kong CE 0.13:
    • Support for Postgres 9.4 has been deprecated, but Kong will still start - versions beyond 0.32 will not start with Postgres 9.4 or prior
    • Support for Cassandra 2.1 has been deprecated, but Kong will still start - versions beyond 0.32 will not start with Cassandra 2.1 or prior
    • Additional requirements:
      • Vitals requires Postgres 9.5+
      • Dev Portal requires Cassandra 3.0+
    • Galileo - DEPRECATED: Galileo plugin is deprecated and will reach EOL soon
  • Breaking: The latest tag in Kong Enterprise Docker repository changed from CentOS to Alpine - which might result in breakage if additional packages are assumed to be in the image, as the Alpine image only contains a minimal set of packages installed
  • OpenID Connect
    • The plugins listed below were deprecated in favor of the all-in-one openid-connect plugin:
      • openid-connect-authentication
      • openid-connect-protection
      • openid-connect-verification


  • New Data Model - Kong EE 0.32 is the first Enterprise version including the new model, released with Kong CE 0.13, which includes Routes and Services
  • Rate Limiting Advanced

    • Breaking - the Enterprise Rate Limiting plugin, named rate-limiting up to EE 0.31, was renamed rate-limiting-advanced and CE Rate Limiting was imported as rate-limiting. Any Admin API calls that were previously targeting the Enterprise Rate Limiting plugin in Kong EE up to 0.31 need to be updated to target rate-limiting-advanced
    • Rate Limiting Advanced, similarly to CE rate-limiting, now uses a dedicated shared dictionary named kong_rate_limiting_counters for its counters; if you are using a custom template, make sure to define the following shared memory zones:
    lua_shared_dict kong_rate_limiting_counters 12m;
  • Vitals

    • Vitals uses two dedicated shared dictionaries. If you use a custom template, define the following shared memory zones for Vitals:
    lua_shared_dict kong_vitals_counters 50m;
    lua_shared_dict kong_vitals_lists     1m;

    You can remove any existing shared dictionaries that begin with kong_vitals_, e.g., kong_vitals_requests_consumers

  • OpenID Connect

    • Remove multipart parsing of ID tokens - they were not proxy safe
    • Change expired or non-active access tokens to give 401 instead of 403


  • Admin GUI
    • New Listeners (Admin GUI + Developer Portal)
    • Routes and Services GUI
    • New Plugins thumbnail view
    • Healthchecks GUI
    • Syntax for form-encoded array elements
    • Dev Portal Overview tab
    • Developers management tab
  • Vitals
    • Status Code tracking - GUI and API
      • Status Code groups per Cluster - counts of 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx groups across the cluster over time. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/vitals/status-codes
      • Status Codes per Service - count of individual status codes correlated to a particular service. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/services/{service_id}
      • Status Codes per Route - count of individual status codes correlated to a particular route. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/routes/{route_id}
      • Status Codes per Consumer and Route - count of individual status codes returned to a given consumer on a given route. Visible in the Admin GUI at ADMIN_URL/consumers/{consumer_id}
  • Dev Portal
    • Code Snippets
    • Developer "request access" full life-cycle
    • Default Dev Portal included in Kong distributions (with default theme)
    • Authentication on Dev Portal out of box (uncomment in Kong.conf)
    • Docs for Routes/Services for Dev Portal
    • Docs for Admin API
    • Requires Migration - /files endpoint is now protected by RBAC
  • Plugins
    • Rate Limiting Advanced: add a dictionary_name configuration, to allow using a custom dictionary for storing counters
    • Requires Migration - Rate Limiting CE is now included in EE
    • Request Transformer CE is now included in EE
    • Edge Compute: plugin-based, Lua-only preview
    • Proxy Cache: Customize the cache key, selecting specific headers or query params to be included
    • Opentracing Plugin: Kong now adds detailed spans to Zipkin and Jaeger distributed tracing tools
    • Azure Functions Plugin: Invoke Azure functions from Kong
    • LDAP Advanced: LDAP plugin with augmented ability to search by LDAP fields
  • OpenID Connect
    • Add self_check function to validate that OIDC discovery information can be downloaded
    • Bearer token is now looked up on Access-Token and X-Access-Token headers in addition to Authorization Bearer header (query and body args are supported as before)
    • JWKs are rediscovered and the new keys are cached cluster wide (works better with keys rotation schemes)
    • Admin API does self-check for discovery endpoint when the plugin is added and reports possible errors back
    • Add configuration directives
      • config.extra_jwks_uris
      • config.credential_claim
      • config.session_storage
      • config.session_memcache_prefix
      • config.session_memcache_socket
      • config.session_memcache_host
      • config.session_memcache_port
      • config.session_redis_prefix
      • config.session_redis_socket
      • config.session_redis_host
      • config.session_redis_port
      • config.session_redis_auth
      • config.session_cookie_lifetime
      • config.authorization_cookie_lifetime
      • config.forbidden_destroy_session
      • config.forbidden_redirect_uri
      • config.unauthorized_redirect_uri
      • config.unexpected_redirect_uri
      • config.scopes_required
      • config.scopes_claim
      • config.audience_required
      • config.audience_claim
      • config.discovery_headers_names
      • config.discovery_headers_values
      • config.introspect_jwt_tokens
      • config.introspection_hint
      • config.introspection_headers_names
      • config.introspection_headers_values
      • config.token_exchange_endpoint
      • config.cache_token_exchange
      • config.bearer_token_param_type
      • config.client_credentials_param_type
      • config.password_param_type
      • config.hide_credentials
      • config.cache_ttl
      • config.run_on_preflight
      • config.upstream_headers_claims
      • config.upstream_headers_names
      • config.downstream_headers_claims
      • config.downstream_headers_names


  • Core
    • Healthchecks
      • Fix an issue where updates made through /health or /unhealth wouldn't be propagated to other Kong nodes
      • Fix internal management of healthcheck counters, which corrects detection of state flapping
    • DNS: a number of fixes and improvements were made to Kong's DNS client library, including:
      • The ring-balancer now supports targets resolving to an SRV record without port information (port=0)
      • IPv6 nameservers with a scope in their address (eg. nameserver fe80::1%wlan0) will now be skipped instead of throwing errors
  • Rate Limiting Advanced
    • Fix failed to upsert counters error
    • Fix issue where an attempt to acquire a lock would result in an error
    • Mitigate issue where lock acquisitions would lead to RL counters being lost
  • Proxy Cache
    • Fix issue where proxy-cache would shortcircuit requests that resulted in a cache hit, not allowing subsequent plugins - e.g., logging plugins - to run
    • Fix issue where PATCH requests would result in a 500 response
    • Fix issue where Proxy Cache would overwrite X-RateLimit headers
  • Request Transformer
    • Fix issue leading to an Internal Server Error in cases where the Rate Limiting plugin returned a 429 Too Many Requests response
  • AWS Lambda
    • Fix issue where an empty array [] was returned as an empty object {}
  • Galileo - DEPRECATED
    • Fix issue that prevented Galileo from reporting requests that were cached by proxy-cache
    • Fix issue that prevented Galileo from showing request/response bodies of requests served by proxy-cache
  • OpenID Connect
    • Fix exp retrieval
    • Fix jwt_session_cookie verification
    • Fix consumer mapping using introspection where the claim was searched in an inexistent location
    • Fix header values when their callbacks fail to get the value - instead of setting their values as function ...
    • Fix config.scopes when set to null or "" so that it doesn't add an OpenID scope forcibly, as the plugin is not only OpenID Connect only, but also OAuth2



  • New shared dictionaries named kong_rl_counters and kong_db_cache_miss were defined in Kong’s default template - customers using custom templates are encouraged to update them to include those, as they avoid the reuse of the kong_cache shared dict; such a reuse is known to be one of the culprits behind no memory errors - see diff below
  • The rate-limiting plugin now accepts a dictionary_name argument, which is used for temporarily storing rate-limiting counters

NOTE: if you use a custom Nginx configuration template, apply the following patch to your template:

diff --git a/kong/templates/nginx_kong.lua b/kong/templates/nginx_kong.lua
index 15682975..653a7ddd 100644
--- a/kong/templates/nginx_kong.lua
+++ b/kong/templates/nginx_kong.lua
@@ -29,7 +29,9 @@ lua_socket_pool_size $;
 lua_max_running_timers 4096;
 lua_max_pending_timers 16384;
 lua_shared_dict kong                5m;
+lua_shared_dict kong_rl_counters   12m;
 lua_shared_dict kong_cache          $;
+lua_shared_dict kong_db_cache_miss 12m;
 lua_shared_dict kong_process_events 5m;
 lua_shared_dict kong_cluster_events 5m;
 lua_shared_dict kong_vitals_requests_consumers 50m;


  • Bump mlcache to 2.0.2 and mitigates a number of issues known to be causing no memory errors
  • Fixes an issue where boolean values (and boolean values as strings) were not correctly marshalled when using Cassandra
  • Fixes an issue in Redis Sentinel configuration parsing


Kong Enterprise 0.31 is shipped with all the changes present in Kong Community Edition 0.12.3, as well as with the following additions:


  • Galileo plugin is disabled by default in this version, needing to be explicitly enabled via the custom_plugins configuration
    • NOTE: If a user had the Galileo plugin applied in an older version and migrate to 0.31, Kong will fail to restart unless the user enables it via the custom_plugins configuration; however, it is still possible to enable the plugin per API or globally without adding it to custom_plugins
  • OpenID Connect plugin:
    • Change config.client_secret from required to optional
  • Change config.client_id from required to optional
  • If anonymous consumer is not found Internal Server Error is returned instead of Forbidden
  • Breaking Change - config.anonymous now behaves similarly to other plugins and doesn't halt execution or proxying (previously it was used just as a fallback for consumer mapping) and the plugin always needed valid credentials to be allowed to proxy if the client wasn't already authenticated by higher priority auth plugin
  • Anonymous consumer now uses a simple cache key that is used in other plugins
  • In case of auth plugins concatenation, the OpenID Connect plugin now removes remnants of anonymous


  • Admin GUI

    • Remove deprecated orderlist field from Admin GUI Upstreams entity settings
    • Fix issue where Admin GUI would break when running Kong in a custom prefix
    • Fix issue where Healthchecks had a field typed as number instead of string.
    • Fix issue where Healthchecks form had incorrect default values.
    • Fix issue where table row text was overflowing and expanding the page.
    • Fix issue where notification bar in mobile view could have text overflow beyond the container.
    • Fix issue where deleting multiple entities in a list would cause the delete modal to not show.
    • Fix issue where cards on the dashboard were not evenly sized and spaced.
    • Fix issue where cards on the dashboard in certain widths could have text overflow beyond their container.
    • Fix issue where Array's on Plugin Entities were not being processed and sent to the Admin API.
    • Fix issue where Models were improperly handled when not updated and not sending default values properly.
    • Fix issue where Plugin lists were not displaying config object.
    • Fix issue where Kong was not processing SSL configuration for Admin GUI
  • OpenID Connect plugin

    • Fixed anonymous consumer mapping
  • Vitals

    • Correct the stats returned in the "metadata" attribute of the /vitals/consumers/:consumer_id/* endpoints
    • Correct a problem where workers get out of sync when adding their data to cache
    • Correct inconsistencies in chart axes when toggling between views or when Kong has no traffic
  • Proxy Cache

    • Fix issue that prevented cached requests from showing up in Vitals or Total Requests graphs
    • Fixes inherited from Kong Community Edition 0.12.3.


  • Admin GUI

    • Add notification bar alerting users that their license is about to expire, and has expired.
    • Add new design to vitals overview, table breakdown, and a new tabbed chart interface.
    • Add top-level vitals section to the sidebar.
  • Requires migration - Vitals

    • New datastore support: Cassandra 2.1+
    • Support for averages for Proxy Request Latency and Upstream Latency
  • Requires migration - Dev Portal

    • Not-production-ready feature preview of:
    • "Public only" Portal - no authentication (eg. the portal is fully accessible to anyone who can access it)
    • Authenticated Portal - Developers must log in, and then they can see what they are entitled to see


Kong Enterprise 0.30 is shipped with all the changes present in Kong Community Edition 0.12.1, as well as with the following additions:


  • EE 0.30 inherits dependency deprecation notices from CE 0.12. See the "Deprecation Notes" section of Kong 0.12.0 changelog
  • ⚠️ By default, the Admin API now only listens on the local interface. We consider this change to be an improvement in the default security policy of Kong. If you are already using Kong, and your Admin API still binds to all interfaces, consider updating it as well. You can do so by updating the admin_listen configuration value, like so: admin_listen =

  • 🔴 Note to Docker users: Beware of this change as you may have to ensure that your Admin API is reachable via the host's interface. You can use the -e KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN argument when provisioning your container(s) to update this value; for example, -e KONG_ADMIN_LISTEN=


  • Renaming of Enterprise plugin

    • request-transformer becomes request-transformer-advanced
  • Rate-limiting plugin

    • Change default config.identifier in EE's from ip to consumer
  • Vitals

    • Aggregate minutes data at the same time as seconds data
    • Breaking Change: Replace previous Vitals API (part of the Admin API) with new version. Not backwards compatible.
    • Upgrading from Kong EE (0.29) will result in the loss of previous Vitals data
  • Admin GUI

    • Vitals chart settings stored in local storage
    • Improve vital chart legends
    • Change Make A Wish email to wish@konghq.com
  • OpenID Connect Plugins

    • Change config.login_redirect_uri from string to array
    • Add new configuration parameters
    • config.authorization_query_args_client
    • config.client_arg
    • config.logout_redirect_uri
    • config.logout_query_arg
    • config.logout_post_arg
    • config.logout_uri_suffix
    • config.logout_methods
    • config.logout_revoke
    • config.revocation_endpoint
    • config.end_session_endpoint
  • OpenID Connect Library

    • Function authorization:basic now return as a third parameter, the grant type if one was found - previously, it returned parameter location in HTTP request
    • Issuer is no longer verified on discovery as some IdPs report different value (it is still verified with claims verification)


  • New Canary Release plugin

  • Vitals

    • Addition of "node-specific" dimension for previously-released metrics (Kong Request Latency and Datastore Cache)
    • New metrics and dimensions:
    • Request Count per Consumer, by Node or Cluster
    • Total Request Count, by Node or Cluster
    • Upstream Latency (the time between a request being sent upstream by Kong, and the response being received by Kong), by Node or Cluster
    • All new metrics and dimensions accessible in Admin GUI and API
    • Important limitations and notifications:
    • PostgreSQL 9.5+ only - no Cassandra support yet
    • Upgrading from the previous version of Kong EE will result in all historic Vitals data being dropped
    • The previous Vitals API (which is part of the Admin API) is replaced with a new, better one (the old API disappears, and there is no backwards compatibility)
    • Proxy Cache
    • Implement Redis (stand-alone and Sentinel) caching of proxy cache entities
    • Enterprise Rate Limiting
    • Provide fixed-window quota rate limiting (which is essentially what the CE rate-limiting plugin does) in addition to the current sliding window rate limiting
    • Add hide_client_headers configuration to disable response headers returned by the rate limiting plugin
    • Admin GUI
    • Addition of "Form Control Grouping" for the new Upstream health-check configuration options.
    • Add Healthy or Unhealthy buttons for the new health-check functionality on Upstream Targets table.
    • Add Hostname and Hostname + Id reporting and labeling functionality to Vitals components.
    • Add Total Requests per Consumer chart to individual consumer pages.
    • Add Total Requests and Upstream Latency charts to the Vitals page.
    • Add information dialogs for vital charts next to chart titles.
    • Introduced Total Requests chart on Dashboard.
    • Automatically saves chart preferences and restores on reload.
    • OpenID Connect plugins
    • Support passing dynamic arguments to authorization endpoint from client
    • Support logout with optional revocation and RP-initiated logout
    • Features inherited from Kong Community Edition 0.12.0 - includes:
    • Health checks
    • Hash-based load balancing
    • Logging plugins track unauthorized and rate-limited requests
    • And more...


  • Proxy Cache

    • Better handling of input configuration data types. In some cases configuration sent from the GUI would case requests to be bypassed when they should have been cached.
  • OAuth2 Introspection

    • Improved error handling in TCP/HTTP connections to the introspection server.
  • Vitals

    • Aggregating minutes at the same time as seconds are being written.
    • Returning more than one minute's worth of seconds data.
  • Admin GUI

    • Input type for Certificates is now a text area box.
    • Infer types based on default values and object type from the API Schema for Plugins.
  • Fixes inherited from Kong Community Edition 0.12.0.

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