Enable the Kong Dev Portal

To enable the Dev Portal, the following properties must be set in the Kong configuration file (kong.conf):

portal = on
portal_gui_protocol = http
portal_gui_host = localhost:8003
portal_emails_from = <example@example.com>
portal_emails_reply_to = <example@example.com>

Kong must be restarted for these values to take effect.

  • This will expose the default Dev Portal at http://localhost:8003/default
  • The Dev Portal Files endpoint can be accessed at :8001/files
  • The Public Dev Portal Files API can be accessed at :8004/files


smtp_mock = on
portal_gui_use_subdomains = on

When smtp_mock is enabled, Kong will not attempt to send actual emails. This is useful for testing purposes.

When portal_gui_use_subdomains is enabled Dev Portal workspace urls will be included as subdomains e.g http://default.localhost:8003

For more information on the Dev Portal properties available, checkout out the Kong Enterprise Configuration Property Reference

Note: Not all deployments of Kong utilize a configuration file, if this describes you (or you are unsure) please reference the Kong configuration docs in order to implement this step.

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