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An end-to-end SaaS API lifecycle management platform that is designed for the cloud native era and provides the easiest way to get started with Kong Gateway
A lightweight, fast, and flexible cloud-native API gateway.
An enterprise service mesh based on Kuma for multi-cloud and multi-cluster on both Kubernetes and VMs.

Key features

Service Hub
Build a comprehensive catalog of services to enable discovery, consumption, and management of every API across your entire architecture.
Dev Portal
Streamline developer onboarding with a self-service developer experience, letting developers discover, register, and consume published services.
View granular analytics with Analytics to monitor the health of environments and clusters. Gain deep insights into service, route, and application usage.
Gateway Manager
Provision and manage Kong Gateway data planes and services in your environment and platform of choice.
API Products
Bundle and manage multiple APIs via API products to document, enable application registration and publish them to a Developer Portal for consumption.
Mesh Manager
Create global control planes to manage your Kong Mesh service meshes.

Extensions & Tools

Manage Kong Gateway declaratively using decK. Sync YAML or JSON configuration across Kong Gateway clusters, push configuration to a running cluster, detect drift, and create backups.
Kong Gateway Operator
Manage your Kong Ingress Controller, Kong Gateway Data Planes, or both together when running on Kubernetes.
Kong Ingress Controller
Implement authentication, transformations, and other functionalities across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.
Streamline workflows by enabling users to instantly drop into Insomnia to design, document, and test APIs and microservices.
Plugin Hub
Use plugins to provide advanced functionality and extend the use of the Kong Gateway.