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Find all the information you need to use the Kong Konnect platform and Kong’s projects

Kong Konnect

Full stack connectivity platform that is designed from the ground up for cloud native architectures, delivered as a service

Get started with Kong Konnect

1. Runtime connection
Set up your first runtime connection
Set up
2. Catalog services
Catalog your services using the Konnect ServiceHub
3. Manage services
Manage your services using the Konnect ServiceHub

Connectivity runtimes

Kong Gateway
A lightweight API Gateway that lets you secure, manage, and extend APIs and microservices.

Kong Mesh
Universal service mesh for enterprise organizations focused on simplicity, security, and scalability with Kuma and Envoy.

Key features

Build a comprehensive catalog of services to enable discovery, consumption, and management of every service across your entire architecture.

Developer Portal
Publish services to individual Developer Portals to provide a bespoke experience to developers within and outside your organization.

View granular analytics with Vitals to monitor the health of environments, clusters, and individual services through the ServiceHub interface.

Runtime Manager
Provision and manage Kong Gateway runtimes in your environment and platform of choice.

Streamline workflows by enabling users to instantly drop into Insomnia to design, document, and test APIs and microservices.

Ecosystem integrations

Plugin Hub
Use plugins to provide advanced functionality and extend the use of the Kong Gateway.

Kubernetes Ingress Controller
Implement authentication, transformations, and other functionalities across Kubernetes clusters with zero downtime.

Declarative Configuration
Manage Kong Gateway declaratively using decK. Sync YAML or JSON configuration across Kong Gateway clusters, push configuration to a running cluster, detect drift, and create backups.

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