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I am going to :8003 but I only see {"message":"not found"}

* Check your kong.conf configuration file (/etc/kong/kong.conf by default) to ensure the Dev Portal is set to `on`

When I browse to the Dev Portal, it is blank.

  • Check a few things:
    • Are there files populated? Browse to :8004/files to check. If you don’t have any files in your Kong database, then the portal will not render anything.
    • Difference between vs localhost can affect authentication responses. Look into CORS plugin configuration, Kong configuration, and request url to ensure consistency.
    • Which requests, if any, are failing? If you are getting 401 responses, double check proxy + plugin configuration, and make sure unauthenticated files can be requested without credentials
    • Double check spelling of proxy URI with Kong configuration.
    • Check your browser’s console and networking output for errors and additional helpful information.