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Getting Started with the Kong Developer Portal

Enable the Dev Portal

  1. Open the Kong configuration file in your editor of choice (kong.conf)
  2. Find and change the portal configuration option to on Don’t forget to remove the # from the beginning of the line, it should now look like: portal = on.
    • Enables the Dev Portal Files endpoint on Admin API which can be accessed at: :8001/files
    • Enables the Public Dev Portal Files API which can be accessed at :8004/files
    • Serves the Dev Portal Loader on port :8003
  3. Restart Kong (kong restart)

Note: Not all deployments of Kong utilize a configuration file, if this describes you (or you are unsure) please reference the Kong configuration docs in order to implement this step.

Visit the Example Dev Portal

Now that you have enabled the Dev Portal in Kong, you can visit the Example Dev Portal:

  • Navigate your browser to

You should now see the Default Dev Portal Homepage, and be able to navigate through the example pages.

Next Steps

Adding Authentication

To add Authentication, head on over to Authenticating the Dev Portal.


To begin customizing your Dev Portal, jump to Customizing the Kong Developer Portal.

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