Kong 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is available on the AWS Marketplace, with 1-Click Launch, or manually With EC2 Console, APIs or CLI:


  1. Cassandra

    The Kong AWS Marketplace AMI image is designed for simplicity and fast deployment, this means it comes bundled with Cassandra on the same image.

    Note: For optimal performance, we recommend deploying a Cassandra cluster separately from the Kong Cluster.

    Please refer to the AWS Cloud Formation Template for custom deployment of Cassandra and Kong Clusters on AWS.

  2. Scaling

    Each EC2 Node is self-contained, running both Kong & Cassandra. In order to add more nodes and start a cluster, you’ll have have to turn on Clustering in Cassandra, and modify each node’s kong.yml with the updated Cassandra information.

  3. Use Kong

    Quickly learn how to use Kong with the 5-minute Quickstart.

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