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How to Invite a New Admin in a Workspace

Create an Admin in Kong Manager

  1. On the “Admins” page, to invite a new admin, click the “Create New Admin” button.

  2. Ensure that the email address and username are matching. When a new Admin receives an invitation, they will only be able to log in with that email address. Assign the appropriate Role and click “Invite Admin” to send the invitation.

    Create New Admin

  3. On the “Admins” page, the new invitee will appear on the list with the “invited” status. Once they accept the invitation, their status will change to “accepted”.

    Invited Admins

  4. The newly invited Admin will have the ability to set a password. If the Admin forgets the password, it is possible to reset it through a recovery email.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: By default, the registration link will expire after 259,200 seconds (3 days). This timeframe can be configured with the kong.conf file in admin_invitation_expiry.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If an email fails to send, either due to an incorrect email address or an external error, it will be possible to resend an invitation.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If SMTP is not enabled or the invitation email fails to sent, it is possible for the Super Admin to copy and provide a registration link directly. See the next section.

If a mail server is not yet set up, it is still possible to invite Admins to register and log in.

  1. Invite an Admin as described in the section above.

  2. If the “View” link is clicked next to the invited Admin’s name, a register_url is displayed on the invitee’s details page.

    Registration URL

  3. Copy and directly send this link to the invited Admin so that they may set up their credentials and log in.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: If admin_gui_auth is ldap-auth-advanced, credentials are not stored in Kong, and the Admin will be directed to Login.

How to Grant an Admin Access with LDAP

  1. Pick a user in the LDAP Directory that will be the Super Admin.

  2. Change the Super Admin’s username in Kong by making a PATCH request to admins/kong_admin and setting the value of username to the corresponding LDAP attribute.

For example, if the LDAP user’s attribute is einstein, the PATCH to /admins/kong_admin should have a username set to einstein.

  1. Log in to Kong Manager using the LDAP credentials associated with the Super Admin.

  2. Invite Admins from the “Admins” page in Kong Manager, ensuring that the username of each Admin is mapped to the attribute value set in the LDAP directory.

     ⚠️ **IMPORTANT**: To enable the Admins to log in, it is still necessary 
     to assign a Role to them.
  3. Once an Admin has logged in successfully and accesses the Admin API using their LDAP credentials, they will be marked as “approved” on the “Admins” list in Kong Manager

     ⚠️ **IMPORTANT**: The new Admins will still receive an email, but all 
     credentials will be handled through the LDAP server, not Kong Manager 
     or the Admin API.

Using the Organization Page to Manage Users

To view all of the current Workspaces and Roles, click the “Organization” link on the top navigation bar.

From this page, it is possible to update every user’s Role across any Workspace. From the “Roles” tab, it is also possible to update the permissions assigned to each Role.

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