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Working with Workspaces

With the addition of Workspace support in 0.34, the Kong Dev Portal now supports running multiple instances of the Dev Portal - one for each Workspace. When a Workspace is created, that Workspaces Dev Portal will automatically appear on the “Dev Portals Overivew Page”

![Dev Portals Overview Page] (

Note that Kong Admins will only be able to see the cards for Dev Portals to which they have permissions to edit.

Enabling a Workspace’s Dev Portal

When a new Workspace is created other than default, that Workspace’s Dev Portal will remain off until it is manually enabled.

If the Kong Dev Portal feature is enabled, the Dev Portal in a Workspace can be enabled by navigating to Settings page in the Kong Manager and toggling the Dev Portal Switch. Or by sending the following cURL request:

curl -X PATCH http://localhost:8001/workspace/<WORKSPACE_NAME> \
 --data "config.portal=on"

**Note: If you cannot see the Settings or Overview pages, the Kong Dev Portal may not be enabled in the Kong configuration file. See [Getting Started]

Accessing a Workspace’s Dev Portal

When a Dev Portal is enabled, its URL will be automatically configured using the portal_gui_protocol and portal_gui_host variables in the Kong configuration file and the name of the Workspace.

Example: http://localhost:8003/example-workspace

If portal_gui_use_subdomains is set to on the Workspace name will be used as a subdomain.

Example: http://example-workspace.localhost:8003

Overriding settings

When first enabled, a Workspace’s Dev Portal config will be empty, and the Dev Portal will fall back on the default values provided in the Kong Configuration file. The Workspaced Dev Portal’s settings can be manually set by navigating to the Settings page in the Kong Manager or by submitting a cURL request directly to the Dev Portal’s configuration table. More information on these settings can be found in Getting Started and in the Dev Portal Property Reference


When a Workspace’s Dev Portal is enabled, a copy of the default Dev Portals files will be made and inserted into the new Dev Portal. This allows for the easy transferrence of a customized Dev Portal theme and allows default to act as a ‘master template’ – however the Dev Portal will not continue to sync changes from the default Dev Portal after it is first enabled.

Developer Access

Kong Admin and Developer access is not synced between Dev Portals. If a Kong Admin or Developer would like access to multiple Dev Portals, they must sign up for each Dev Portal individually.

However, credentials between Dev Portals must be unique including the email address. This means that a Developer or Kong Admin cannot sign up for more than one Dev Portal with the same email address.