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Key Terms

  • Example Dev Portal = The set of pages, partials, and specs that are provided in the example Dev Portal files.
  • Handlebars = Handlebars is a semantic JavaScript templating language.

Types of Humans

  • Developer = A human that wants to learn about your APIs by visiting your Dev Portal.
  • Admin = A human that has access to administer Kong functionality.
    • Sometimes we clarify this to also refer to the specific permissions of the admin:
      • API Gateway Admin = A human that can administer the Kong API Gateway, but not the Dev Portal or Developers.
      • Dev Portal Admin = A human that can administer Dev Portal content, but not the Developers.
      • Developer Admin = A human that can administer Developers, their permissions, and their credentials.
  • User = A human that uses an Application.
    • When OpenID Connect is in use, the User is typically involved in delegating permission to Kong API Gateway to proxy the requests that are coming from the Application that the User is using.

Types of Files

  • Specifications / Specs = An API specification, in OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) format.
  • Partials = These are Handlebar files made up of HTML, JS, and CSS content that define the look, feel, functionality, and structure of your Dev Portal.
  • Pages = Pages are Handlebars templates that bring together the previously described Partial files and result in pages in your Dev Portal.
  • Loader = The mechanism which compiles and serves HTML and JavaScript files to the browser when a visitor visits any Dev Portal page.
    • The Loader requests Pages, Partials and Specifications from Kong, which it uses to render your Dev Portal in the visitor’s browser.
    • The Loader is not modifiable by Admins - instead, customization is performed by modifying Specifications, Partials, and Pages.

Other Concepts

  • API = The APIs that are proxied by Kong API Gateway, the APIs that are documented in Dev Portal, and APIs whose usage is monitored by Vitals, etc.
    • Note that this is not the Admin API of Kong - we consistently refer to that as Admin API
  • Consumer = A Kong concept and entity.
  • Application = A computer program that calls API(s) proxied by Kong API Gateway.
    • This could be a mobile or web front end, an application running on the server of a partner or customer, or an application running within your company.

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