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The following tutorials assume that Kong has been properly installed using one of the available installation methods.

Kong will look by default for a configuration file at /etc/kong/kong.yml. If you installed Kong from luarocks, you can copy the default configuration from the luarocks tree (luarocks –help to print it). Usually:

cp /usr/local/lib/luarocks/rocks/kong/<kong_version>/conf/kong.yml /etc/kong/kong.yml

Edit the configuration to let Kong access your Cassandra cluster.

Let’s start Kong:

kong start

If this is the first time running Kong, the start command will also automatically run database migrations to prepare the Cassandra keyspace.

Once Kong is started it will listen by default on the following ports:

  • 8000, that will accept incoming HTTP request to be proxied to the final APIs
  • 8001, that exposes Kong’s administration API to operate the system

Port 8001 should be firewalled to prevent unauthorized access.